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Received my order really fast !! Love the Lip Balm. Thank you 

Joe and Angela

Amazing soap range and balms to boot. very affordable, usually a small pot of kawakawa balm cost an arm and a leg, my grand daughter has bad eczema and the balm will help with her break outs, the site is easy to navigate and bam straight to the website from the facebook page makes it easy to order, ill definitely be getting more

Awatea Nikora
Wellington, New Zealand

Why Choose Us?

Everything in this store has helped me on my journey to believe that little voice inside me that whispered that i was good enough, that i was worthy of being loved, that i was worth standing up for. 

I didn't have to get everything right all the time, constantly fearful of what would happen if i wasn't perfect. I didn't have to always let what other people thought of me matter more than what i thought of myself. 

Yeah Right.... battling PTSD and Depression is a full time job, undoing over 30 years of burying and ignoring the bad stuff takes its toll. 

Being able to create something makes me feel good and has helped me immensely, and i want to share that with as many people as possible. Making something that makes other people feel good feeds my soul. 

I fully support Mike King and his journey with the I am Hope Foundation. Gumboot Friday needs all the support it can get. Kids need help with their mental health so that they can grow to be healthy adults. So i will be making donations to Gumboot Friday and the Hope Foundation

About Us

Debbie Terry,

Store Owner

My journey to create was inspired by watching my mum knit. She would knit cardigans and jumpers for our family when i was younger in an effort to save money. My patience or rather the lack of it made for some very dubious looking items. So i learned to crochet, I could quickly create something and i was hooked.

More recently i have turned to my creative side to assist my recovery with Mental Health issues that have plagued me for many years. I started creating little things and found joy in creating something that was beautiful, something i could take pride in. After many years of being on some kind of pill with horrid side effects i wanted something more natural in my life.  

So a couple of years ago i took a night class in Rongoa (traditional Maori medicine), it was eyeopening and led me to reading up on many different kinds of traditional natural medicines and remedies. I found myself wondering why all the old ways of using what was available from mother nature weren't being used anymore. 

Go back a couple of hundred years and you would find in every village or town someone that people turned to for healing, either physically or spiritually. These people made use of what Mother Nature provided. They gathered the ingredients by hand, and they learned how each plant, herb, flower, root, leaf and bark could be used for the relief of common ailments and deeper spiritual maladies.

In these modern times things have changed, many of these healers have been replaced by companies mass producing products based on those old recipes that were handed down over generations. The recipes were adapted, and the ingredients changed from natural to man-made in order to save time and money for the companies making the products.

Not all of this has been a bad thing, there have been some incredible creations in the laboratory that have saved millions of lives. Sadly not all of these man-made products are good for us, our skin or our well-being. 

Here at Anahera's we look back to these old remedies using where possible the healing properties of plants that mother nature has provided us. That's not to say that we don't make use of modern technology (we would be silly not to) but we don't use nasty chemicals or palm oil in any of our products. 

We are proud members of the New Zealand Soapmakers' Association




Helleur Road, Massey, Auckland 0614 New Zealand