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Our Soaps

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Kawakawa Soaps

These soaps have been made using Kawakawa leaves. 

  • Kawakawa Tea

  • Kawakawa infused oils

  • Kawakawa infused Goats Milk

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Goats Milk Soaps

These soaps have been made using Goats Milk.

  • at the beginning of the soaping process mixed with all the other ingredients which cook together to make the soap.

  • at the end of the soap making process so that you get all the goodness of the Goats Milk as an added extra

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Infused Oils

These  soaps have been made with oils infused with different natural ingredients

  • Kawakawa infused coconut oil

  • Kawakawa infused Sunflower oil

  • Dandelion infused Olive oil

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