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Our Collections - Range of Anaheras products

Our Collections


All our balms are hand made, using only locally sourced natural ingredients. 

Lip Balms - Body Balms - Kawakawa Balms


Body Butters

Treat your skin with these luxurious body butters, hand blended using carefully selected oils and butters then whipped up and piped into re-usable containers

Pink Cream


Each of our bars of soap is unique, we carefully blend different oils and ingredients to hand make small batches using locally sourced natural ingredients. Check out our range of Soaps currently available here 

Organic Soap Bars

Wedding Favours / Corporate Gifts

Our Balms, Bath Salts, Body Butters & Scrubs are available to be personalised for a range of boutique Wedding Favours or Corporate Gifts. Mix & Match different Tin colours with Labels that can be designed to suit your needs. Please contact us for a Quote

Wedding Decorations

Bath Salts

Our bath salts are hand blended using combinations of Epsom salts, dried flowers & essential oils. Bath time should be relaxing and restorative. Just add water and your self.

Pink Bath Tub

Infused Oils

Oils have been infused with many things over the years. By soaking flowers, herbs or other natural items in different oils you gain not only the beneficial properties of the oil but also the properties of what has been infused into it.


Sun Catchers

Explore our collection of sun catchers, where each piece is distinct and specially crafted to add a touch of sparkle to your life. Witness as these sun catchers capture the sun's rays and enchant you with their magic.

sun catcher large crystal
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