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In the realm of light and color, Abalone, adorned with a rainbow prism pendant reflecting serene blues, verdant greens, and regal purples, emanates an otherworldly allure. This celestial luminary, a gem in our radiant collection, casts a spellbinding glow. Invite her into your sanctuary, and behold the mesmerizing ballet of rainbows that shall illuminate your world. Each light dancer captures the pure essence of a shimmering spectacle, infusing any space with a sprinkle of enchantment. Meticulously crafted with ardor and finesse, Abalone stands as the quintessential choice to fill your abode with cascades of light and bliss. Embrace the magic and jubilation she bestows upon you, for her gifts are truly wondrous and boundless!

Abalone is 66cm from the base of her teardrop Prism to the tip of her first prism bead

Would be suitable for a larger window

Abalone Suncatcher

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