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Lo, Marina, bedecked with a grand crystal prism sphere, azure sequins, and shimmering beads, emanates a luminous aura as a singular and exquisite addition to our collection of celestial light weavers. Grace your window with her presence and witness the mesmerizing ballet of rainbows that will grace your days. Each light weaver encapsulates the sheer ecstasy of beholding a sparkling spectacle, bestowing upon any space a hint of enchantment. Fashioned with meticulous craftsmanship and passion, Marina stands as the quintessential choice to imbue your dwelling with streams of radiance and joy. Embrace the magic and joy of Marina without delay!

Marina is 58cm from the base of her 50mm Crystal Prism Ball to the tip of her first Aqua bead

Would be suitable for a larger window

Marina Suncatcher

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