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Tawny Suncatcher, a prism of octagonal grace adorned with beads of old gold and golden ivory, shines like celestial treasures in our illustrious trove. Its radiance weaves a spellbinding allure, beckoning you to revel in the kaleidoscope of hues that bring a touch of grandeur to your domain. Each soft gleam carries whispers of enchantment, infusing every nook with a sprinkle of mystical charm. Fashioned with meticulous artistry and passion, Tawny stands as a celestial envoy, ushering in torrents of light and joy into your sanctuary. Embrace the magic and delight she imparts, for her gifts are as infinite as they are mesmerizing!

Tawny is 32cm from the tip of her spherical clear ball to the top of her first ivory toned bead

Would be suitable for a small to medium window

Tawny Suncatcher

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