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Tinkerbell, adorned with an elegant chandelier featuring a teardrop crystal prism embellished with dainty diamante studs, along with 15 mini prism beads intermixed with golden pearl-like beads, exudes a radiant charm. This unique addition to our celestial light collection brings a luminous aura. Add her presence to your window and witness the captivating dance of rainbows that will brighten your days. Each light weaver captures the pure delight of witnessing a sparkling show, bringing a touch of enchantment to any space. Crafted with precision and passion, Tinkerbell is the perfect choice to fill your home with streams of light and happiness. Embrace the magic and joy she offers without delay!

Marina is 43cm from the base of her teardrop Prism to the tip of her first prism bead

Would be suitable for a small to medium window

Tinkerbell Suncatcher

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